10 Step to Tell the Difference Between Marriage Material and Dating Material

In this day and age there is a lot of dating going around. People believe that someone is for them when they get instantly crush because the other person true nature was to just date while the other person sees a future. How can you tell if your partner wants a long term life together or just a few times around “the park”.

Online dating

1. If your partner brings it up first
2. if your partner introduces you to their family members.(cousins not included)
3. If your partner looks at rings every time you pass a jewelry store.
4. If your partner wants to meet your family.
5. If your partner cuddle after sexual intercourse.
6. If your partner shows you apartment ads in the newspaper
7. If your partner denies sex to cater to you.(give you a rub down)
8. If you partner gives up a top paying job just to spend more time with you.
9. If your partner cuts off all their opposite sex friend.
10. If your partner talks about kids to you.

These are just a few steps you might be able to tell whether of not your partner is serious or not to take your relationship to the next level


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