Tips for Safer Online Dating

Are you finding a compatible partner on internet? Or only having fun while dating online? Then you have found the best place – Internet. You are aware of the fact that Internet is a very savvy place to surf and socialize. But sometimes a little mistake from your side can be disastrous, especially when you are finding a date or having a casual flirt. So go through the safety tips to be followed while you dating online.


1. Keep your personal information private- Does a website pops up to fill a free email account to let you chat or send instant messages. Then you must know that a single bit of your personal information could let anybody to intervene in your personal life.

2. Keep your Facebook and Twitter info safe- While posting any personal information or any additional information on Facebook or Twitter keep a record of it. In case you forget anything, then your personal data could be handy.

3. Do not use familiar screen names- Never ever use such screen names that can help in guessing your personal identity or local address. You have the choice of keeping your identity anonymous and tell only those whom you trust.

4. Install Anti-Security check- It is beneficial to install anti-security check so as to protect your personal information. This will also help in keeping your personal information safe as well nobody will be able to access your private data.

5. Do not pay heed to threatening e-mails- All online dating users should not respond or react to any threatening, annoying or harassing emails.

6. Do not make calls from your personal number- You have to call somebody? As a protective measure, use your office number or Local phone booth. It is your responsibility to protect your identity while finding love through a dating website.

7. Have consistent check- It is very important to double check the information provided by anonymous online dating users. Do not have a blind faith just because you are in search of true love.

8. Is it really them in the photograph? – Beware of any photograph sent by any online dating user as it may not them in the photograph. It must be any random image picked up from the internet.

9. Are you be harassed by online dating users? – Online dating might be fun but at some note you can land in trouble. So if you find yourself in this situation then immediately call the police.

These are some simple tips to be used when dating online. Though dating online is fun and easy too but you need not reveal yourself truly unless you want to. Many hawkers are out there in the internet savvy world who can pose threat to you. So be aware about online dating and also about precautionary steps to be taken when you are in search of love on internet


10 Step to Tell the Difference Between Marriage Material and Dating Material

In this day and age there is a lot of dating going around. People believe that someone is for them when they get instantly crush because the other person true nature was to just date while the other person sees a future. How can you tell if your partner wants a long term life together or just a few times around “the park”.

Online dating

1. If your partner brings it up first
2. if your partner introduces you to their family members.(cousins not included)
3. If your partner looks at rings every time you pass a jewelry store.
4. If your partner wants to meet your family.
5. If your partner cuddle after sexual intercourse.
6. If your partner shows you apartment ads in the newspaper
7. If your partner denies sex to cater to you.(give you a rub down)
8. If you partner gives up a top paying job just to spend more time with you.
9. If your partner cuts off all their opposite sex friend.
10. If your partner talks about kids to you.

These are just a few steps you might be able to tell whether of not your partner is serious or not to take your relationship to the next level

Keeping Safe with Online Dating

These days people are meeting in various different ways. One of the most popular ways is through Online Dating Sites like e-Harmony and When we meet someone online, sometimes they are not who they say they are. There are somethings we all can do to keep ourselves safe.


Never give Personal Information: no one should ask you for your personal information. When you first meet someone do not give out your personal information like phone numbers, address, or any other personal information that someone could use to harm you in some way. You should get to know a person for a couple months before even giving out your name. If he or she is not willing to wait to get acquainted, it’s not worth it.

Wait before Meeting: You should meet a person unless you really know them. You may trust most people you meet, but not everyone on the internet can be trusted. Talk online for a couple months via instant messenger, email or whatever. If the person is truly interested in getting to know you, they’d wait. If the one you are talking to is persistent in meeting, don’t be quick to trust them.

Ask a lot of Questions: Ask a whole lot of different questions to gain more knowledge of a person. nothing real personal, but stuff about hobbies, family, interests, even religious thoughts. You can tell a lot about a person based on their interests. I don’t respond to certain profiles because of things listed in their interests.

Be Picky: It’s Okay to be picky when it comes to online dating. Know exactly what you want out of the people you would like to get to know. View all of the person’s profile, not just certain parts, if you are unsure of the profile, don’t agree to chatting. First instincts on the profile is normally how you’d feel about the actual person. Don’t agree to just anyone; set your standards to a higher level then you would if you met someone at a club or something. Online dating is different then meeting in person.

Meet in Public: When and if you decide to meet up with someone you met online, make the meeting place somewhere public and with a number of people. Don’t go to their place, yours or even a semi-private place like a movie theater. Just as you took time to talk online, take time before you go somewhere private.

Online dating is becoming more and more popular, but we never really know who we’re meeting with. Sometimes we need to take various precautions to ensure our safety. If you follow these guidelines and the other person is willing to work with you and take things slow, you’ve got a trustworthy person. Happy dating!