Christians and Interracial Dating – The Beginning of Acceptance

There is good news in race relations on the Gallup Poll as the American minds are slowly beginning to understand things in a way. In fact, almost half of the generations over the age of 65 agree to the idea of interracial marriage. That is, most likely other people doing it which is obviously not a law to be enforced on everyone to have to do it. The youth of the modern age from 18 to 29 approve interracial dating by 95%. After all, the only people who date interracial or cross culturally does it by their own personal choice. The choice has nothing to do with shade , but it expands the option of finding that special someone. As for Christians, this lifestyle widely portrays the notion we all should have known regarding that Bible quote ” all men have sinned and have shortcomings”. Therefore, the issue of interracial or cross cultural relationships should not have blown into such an issue to debate.


Meaning, we are all equal and no one is above anyone else in God’s eyes. Unfortunately, people who chose to represent God’s love through Christianity fail continuously to integrate their church family into more than just one color. However, there has been a growth in churches who use the word “United” in their title as an open invitation for all cultures to enter their church family. There are many multicultural mega churches who accept with a whole hearted welcome people from all backgrounds and cultures to worship God. Accepting diversity is accepting God’s masterpieces he created when he made man in all shades with all different features. He didn’t stop there but to make different species of one animals, flowers, plants, trees, rocks and much more.There is a book by authors George Yancey and Sherelyn Whittum Yancey about racially diverse Christian leaders. Interracial and cross cultural families should expect to deal with opposition from bossy individuals. Remember that you are not wrong for your decision, no one has a right to dictate what you should do if you cannot return the favor, and God isn’t against it. We are supposed to remember that God will help us find a way to live with the opposition we already experience as Christians.

Some no Christian interracial couples experience discrimination by peoples negative reactions, but Christians must think about these issues also. Moreover, Christians need to think about what God says in the Bible over what the world thinks. As a Christian, we all have a responsibility to God. Not to leave others out, but to represent God in everything we do. The world wants for themselves, but we seek to abandon worldly thought and strive toward heaven. Family, friends and society will have their views on what people should do in their own personal life…get it? The Bible says “therefore a man to leave his family and cleave unto his wife”. As for friends, it should never be a one sided relationship where your opinions mean nothing. Another Bible quote is “If they speak not according to this word, there is no light in them”.

Society is a part of the world that Christians are told to live as examples to and to tell others. However, if they do not want to learn of God’s love you must not force it. Neither should you in return listen to what they have to say. I believe that in the past before civil rights and human rights there were a lot of underhanded things that were done to people of color. For example, giving low marks to those minorities who actually strive to do better, lying to people about apartment rentals being taken, denying people a job, in restaurants burning up the food for certain people, and the list goes on. Couples today can file a complaint and sue those who overstep their bounds. Lawyers are here for a reason, and family and friends should support you over a bunch of strangers. After all, friend and family are supposed to be your strongest supporters. Those who decide to marry in their own race should not feel intimidated by those who cross over.

You can accept people in many other ways by letting them feel equal to you, and not less important than you. People sometimes feel as if they are being judged by not doing what a particular person does. Perhaps, those words can also help people accept the unions without feeling pressure to do the same. Therefore, no one will be affected when others cross over to other races. These couples will then be treated with the utmost respect once people realize that no one is telling everyone to do it in order to escape the label of prejudice. Trying to appear non prejudice may give the total opposite effect of being prejudice. We should marvel and smile at these families for making a beautiful step forward. These Christian couples should not faint from showing the world that it is possible to love another human being regardless of color or cultural differences.

However, If one door closes, there are probably other interracial couples who know of down to earth areas who would not react irrationally. I suggest looking on line for advice and help. As for the children of these unions, look for good multicultural neighborhoods . Here are some sites that can help those who decide to date openly or marry openly: , ,, ,,, and